There’s no natural gas vehicle challenge we can’t handle.

Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

While only 1% of all trucks currently running use natural gas fuel, it is proven to substantially lower fleet operating costs and emissions when compared to diesel. Agility is the leader in heavy duty trucks and specialty vehicle alternative fuel systems because we have more experience and more fuel systems on the road than any of our competitors

Medium and Heaving Duty Trucks


Refuse Trucks

CNG dramatically lowers fuel costs, offers fleet owners the ability to slow-fill trucks overnight, and enables landfill owners to reuse biomethane in their trucks.  As a result, over 30% of all new refuse vehicles are fueled by natural gas. Agility is the preferred supplier of alternative fuel systems to the refuse industry.

Refuse Trucks


Mass Transit

Because it burns far cleaner than any other fuel with dramatically lower emissions, natural gas is perfect for city buses, 20% of which have converted to natural gas.  No one has more experience with mass transit, shuttle, coach and school bus systems than Agility.

Mass Transit Buses


Portable and Stationary Fueling Solutions

With our years of experience in engineering and manufacturing natural gas systems for heavy duty vehicles, Agilty knows what companies need in a portable or stationary fuel station.

Portable and Stationary Fueling Stations