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Agility Fuel Systems is the leading designer and producer of alternative fuel storage and delivery systems for heavy duty trucks, buses and specialty vehicles.

The result of two industry-leading companies, Agility combines FAB’'s world-class expertise in compressed natural gas and liquid natural gas fuel storage systems with Enviromech's industry-leading engineering talent in alternative fuel vehicles.

Our systems can be fueled by compressed and liquid natural gas, as well as hydrogen and other alternative fuels. With an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and minimal footprint, they’'ve been used on thousands of heavy duty trucks and buses with a proven track record for economy and reliability.

Providing timely, world-class advice, engineering, installation support, and aftermarket service, we make it easy for our customers to modernize their fleets. We deliver peace of mind, economy, and reliability.  We also manufacture portable refueling stations used to transport and deliver CNG, hydrogen, and other industrial gases.

Where We Come From

Since 1996, FAB has been the leading supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) fuel storage systems to leading transit bus OEMs and heavy truck fleets. FAB has delivered over 7,500 natural gas fuel systems to fleet customers, dealers, and major OEMs, along with years of trouble-free service.

Founded in 2001, Enviromech is an engineering-driven manufacturing company serving the alternative fuel vehicle industry. Product designs include vehicle, stationary and portable fuel storage solutions for natural gas and hydrogen gas applications. With operations in Long Beach, California and in British Columbia, Enviromech is a prominent provider of natural gas and hydrogen gas systems in North America and abroad.

A Team Like No Other

For over a decade and the birth of the alternative fuels industry itself, the two companies that formed Agility have engineered an impressive range of fuel system solutions.

  • Deep engineering expertise in designing and building innovative fuel systems.
  • Safety and reliability: —Over 25,000 of our systems are currently deployed in fleets across North America and around the world.
  • Capabilities, experience and an extensive design library across a wide range of fueling systems, including CNG, LNG, hydrogen and electric hybrids, for a wide variety of vehicle configurations, engine technologies and fleet applications.
  • Engineering, production, installation and service locations in California, Alabama and British Columbia, Canada.
  • A team of trained technicians install and service systems at our facilities or right at your site ensuring customer satisfaction. We also provide customer and service center training.

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